Time for Change

11th April 2020


Welcome to Vincent Living… today we changed our name. It’s actually a pretty scary thing to do, so let me talk to you about why we made the change.


Vincent Trading has been with us since the beginning, actually way before the beginning, I registered the domain before Mike had even moved to Devon, it was always, as still is (more on this in a moment) a name born for Joinery and Kitchens. When we started Vincent Trading as a business, we had no idea it would morph into what is has today. Our journey has been a wiggly road to where you see us now, it all started with my desire for a homewares shop, combined with Mike’s skills as a joiner, on moving to Devon, Mike just didn’t want to work for someone else anymore, during his first few weeks as self employed he has some time where work wasn’t so busy, setting himself up with a small workshop on the land that is now our cabin. I got my little drawings out that I’d had for years and he set about making a few benches and tables from reclaimed wood we had here on the land. We popped them on Etsy and within three months we’d got an order for 200+ items all bespoke made. This set us up for our first summer and we attended our first trade show.


Our first trade show was a success and we actually made a profit on the cost of the stand, we also gained a couple of really big contracts which we were super excited about, however, soon reality started to hit, we’d already booked our second trade show and slowly were adding to the collection and selling items to retail as well as trade. We grew too quickly, Mike was exhausted, we’d given clients good prices because they were ordering huge numbers at once, but we just couldn’t keep up, plus reclaimed wood is hard to get a uniform product which these companies where looking for, this  meant we’d get items continually sent back for things that were just out of our control. Top this with rising materials costs it, huge amounts of dirty reclaimed wood that needed cleaning, a not-so-successful trade show, a couple of breaking-even retail shows and Mike had had enough. We pushed through another 12 months and finally got to a point where there was too much strain on our relationship, something had to give.


Just before Vincent Trading started, I had begun an online lifestyle journal and started my photography business which was growing slowly, as VT came to a crossroads it seemed sensible for me to begin picking this back up again, with VT’s core values being what attracted our customers and followers, we have made a seamless transfer over to bringing slow, seasonal and intentional content to everyone.


Let’s play a game for a moment… think about the words Vincent Trading and pretend you had never heard of us before, what comes to mind, are you seeing a slow, seasonal lifestyle brand or are you seeing something much more corporate and not quite in line with what we do? I suspect it’s the latter, this is why we needed a name change!


But what about Vincent Trading and Mike’s joinery? Isn’t it written on the van? Well, Vincent Trading will remain the brand name for the carpentry, it will stay on the van, it will keep its domain, it will keep its page on the website, but it will sit underneath Vincent Living.


Today is the start of a new chapter of our wiggly journey and I am so excited you are here to come along with us, now join me in looking up to that moon again tonight as it begins is journey into darkness again and we release everything that is no longer positively serving us…


Welcome to Vincent Living…

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