Do you look at your Instagram grid and wish it could look a little less of a hot mess?

Is it full of photos you have thrown together, just posting whatever, whenever?

Does this look familiar?



This was my grid before I taught myself how to make it look like this:


Now I'm here to help you

Create the Grid of Your Dreams...

I have created a workbook packed with all the basics of creating the grid of your dreams, using the same methods as I have used to gain over 5k followers, and growing!

In this workbook you will learn:

How to find your style

Three basics to taking a photo

All about editing

Cropping for Instagram

Captioning your images

Best hashtag practices

Understanding the timing

Using a planning app


An overview of how to use stories to help you grow

Finally I give you the details on how to bring all this together to create the grid of your dreams and


You are getting years of learning, for just £5...

Yes, £5...

What are you waiting for?

Want a preview...

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