Favourite Seasons

4th March 2020

I'd love to know if you have a favourite season? I was asked the question recently as part of a online community I am a member of, it took me, actually, quite a long time to think about it, and I still don't really have an answer...

I am struggling to choose between spring and autumn, each time as the summer and winter comes to an end, I am so very ready to move into the next season. Right now I am longing for some sun on my face, to sit in the warmth of its energy, to have at least two days in a row where we are not being blown over to the next village each time we step out of the front door. Spring, for me, signifies the start of the year, I have done my winter hibernation, regained my energy, planed for the year ahead and now I'm here ready to get going.

March is the first month we really notice the change in the light, extending our days to cover our newfound energy,  combined with the new shoots, emerging of colours and warmer days where you can still drive to the beach, make it, for me, such a joyous time of year. There are still days of rain and storms where we can get back inside and eagerly await the new day of sunshine. 

Yet spring rolls into summer... the busy months here in Devon, the place is absolutely bursting at its seams, there is no off switch and holidays makers and seasonal dwellers are wanting to see all the places and do all the things before the next batch of excited people arrive to follow their departure, all ready to visit those same beaches with a new wave of excitement. Staycations are so important to this area and we wouldn't be able to enjoy quieter winters without them, yet, sometimes, when there isn't even a patch of sea to get your paddle board out into and the sun is making working in the service industry [which most people do in the summer here, as a regular job or even as an additional job to perhaps afford a staycation of their own] as hot as the actual sun itself, I am most definitely ready for September and the start of autumn to arrive...

Oh autumn, beautiful autumn, finally a moment of calm, both the earth and ourselves have used up lots of our energy, growing flowers, the harvests are being completed and we are finally able to reap rewards of a busy summer. As we all take stock of the year so far, we start to plan for hibernation again, shedding used layers of energy like a tree loses its leaves. We celebrate the autumn equinox, create stockpiles of food for the winter and start to embrace our autumn knits and cooler autumn sunshine. 

We can look back our spring goals and see what we have achieved over those busy energy filled summer months, get out on the paddleboard, find a patch of sand and watch the sunsets under blankets with autumn beach BBQ's. Using up any left up energy, allowing ourselves some freedom and starting to enjoy the build up to a start of winter/winter solstice celebration, celebrated at the same time as Christmas is traditionally celebrated.


Autumn rolls back around into winter, and we all hide under our duvets and read under candlelight, spend too long in the bath and prepare ourselves for those spring moments to emerge again...

I'd really love to know what your favourtie season is?

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