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It's so nice to meet you... We are so glad you've found our wild, simple and seasonal lifestyle journal, grab yourself a cup of tea, and let's dive in.


We are Mike & Emma, husband & wife, homebodies, although not ones to shy away from adventure, we created Vincent Living with a passion for traditional methods, beauty in simple and our planet. 

We live by the sea in South Devon and find ourselves listening to the waves after long days creating, we love nothing more than a cosy night in with our little Cyprus rescue dog Lola. 

We have been on an intentional lifestyle journey for a couple of years now, we are here to share our everyday experience with you. Emma is also a Wild Earth Healer, ready to take you on a journey to finding yourself realigned with the Earth and its energy again. Whether your already deep into this lifestyle or just dipping your toes in, I'm sure you will find somewhere here for you. Got a question? Find us on Instagram where I'm sure we can help...

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Notes from Emma

There is so many ways we should be being eco right now, it gives us eco-anxiety thinking about making all the changes at once, having spent two years slowly making changes, we bring you one easy eco swap each month, start at the beginning or on this months swap, and in 12 months you could be 12 steps closer to a sustainable lifestyle.

Read about our swaps here.

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