Two reclaimed wood boards treated with a food safe oil.


This huge serving board is one of those kitchen must haves, it can really be used for anything! From display, to huge family table service to putting all the cheese on the cheese board! This product is finished with a food safe oil.


The board is approximately 43.5cm x 44cm x 3.5cm


Each item is handmade to order and may different slightly in colour and size.


Serving Boards:


We love the concept of family style dining. Our beautiful, solid, reclaimed wood serving boards are the perfect to bring to the table to share homecooked food (or maybe the occasional takeaway) with friends and family


Each board is handmade in our South Devon workshop by a small team of talented folk, from Mike, our master craftsman, to skills being learnt, no two will ever be the same.


Our boards don’t just stop here… we really can create anything with our team of designers and makers so get in touch if you’ve got a creative idea.


Built to suit a number of styles, from the uber trendy industrial, modern rustic to farmhouse kitchens, these boards wouldn’t look out of place in any setting.


We carefully handselect each piece of timber, sourcing it from a local company in Cornwall to minimise transportation, we have everything from uber rustic pieces to a small selection of new wood salvaged from local joinery workshops. Normally selecting a rustic piece which will age well over time, drop us a message if you’re looking for something different.


Believing in beauty in imperfection the wood with have dents and small splits, the grain, colour and texture of each board will be different, making each one totally unique to you.


How long will my board take?


The lead time on our items is up to 12 weeks at busy periods, please get in touch if you need the board urgently, you will be given an approximate place in the queue once you have placed your order.


The balance is due on the board immediately once placing your order, you have 14 days to choose to cancel your order, however, we may contact you within these 14 days to advise construction will be starting. Once construction has started the order cannot be cancelled.


The postage option at checkout is for once your item has been made, express delivery does not put you further up the production queue. If you need the board urgently, please get in touch, a charge may be applicable.

Huge Serving Board

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  • Please ensure you have read the following before placing an order:

    • This is reclaimed wood, it can have any number of marks, splits and cracks, it may have paint marks and rust marks, screw holes, hammer marks and saw marks, although we try to keep these to a minimum. It will have heavy grain, knots and unevenness between planks.
    • The wood will continue to move once it is in your home, depending on the heat conditions, this can cause the top to become uneven. This may be the case when the board arrives or can even develop after a year.
    • Each plank of wood will be a different colour, therefore there may be small differences in colour across the board.
    • We may use food safe filler or other methods to fill large holes.
    • Due to the movement on the board, you may find the board develops a wooble at certain times of year, depending on the heat of your home and useage.
    • Some edges may have been sanded or planed to remove chunks of wood which would have split off over time.
    • Your board may mark with knife usage, we wouldn’t recommend using this as a chopping board for this reason.
    • If you do not want any of these features, we suggest you look at one of our sustainable wood boards, launching for AW19.
    • Always allow for upto 4cm in different on the quoted sizes
    • Do not place your board next to a radiator or other direct heat source, or in direct sunlight for at least 12 weeks once it has arrived in your home, do not keep it in a very cold room as extreme temperature changes can cause the board to move too quickly are large cracks may develop. After at least 12 weeks, slowly introduce the heat source you plan to keep the board near, please note this can still cause rapid movement.
    • If you choose to have your board left raw, water, heat and other substances may cause damage.
    • The other finishes are water and stain resistant; you cannot let water or other substances sit for periods of time, we recommend using specific hardwax oil cleaners or warm soapy water to clean your board. For very strong colours or very greasy items a piece of grease proof paper may be recommended.
    • Your board may occasionally need recoating in a hardwax oil, please see our care guides for more information.
    • We cannot accept any returns on the wood being too rustic or if we believe any of the above scenarios have taken place.

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