Seasonal Eating

Eating food which is in season and grown in the UK or in close neighbouring countries is one of the most important changes you can make. Right now we don't have to think about what food is being produced by the planet, which foods are in abundance and offered by the planet to satisfy our nutritional needs for this time of year because the supermarkets have removed this habit from us. They supply us with everything we need, all year around, grown with huge amounts of energy in unnatural conditions, using resources the planet hasn't got to spare, while they pick vegetables which are they decide are the right shape for consumers and the rest gets wasted.

We need to change our perspective, we cannot continue to live like this. Right now, each year, we have an earth overshoot day, it started on 29th December in 1970, last year it was 29th July. That means that on 30th July last year we were already using more resources than the planet could give us 2019. What's even scarier is that if the rest of the world lived like we do here in the UK, we'd hit earth overshoot day by 19th May each year... we'd be using all the earths allocated resources for that year by mid-May, that's all 12 months resources used in just 4.5 months. 

So what's the solution? While there are many areas we need to look at, from cities, to nature, to power and even the population, food is also a big problem. Right now a third of food is wasted, a third! So if you went to the shop and as you were leaving, they took a third of the food out of your basket, after you'd paid and said, this will be wasted in your house so you cannot take it home, how would you feel... I'll repeat it, a third! By planning ahead, having a recipe a week which uses leftover food, keeping our fridges organised, not buying more than we need each week, understanding use by, sell by and best before dates, buying food without dates, by not purchasing from the supermarkets and by consuming less meat we can all make a difference.

Here you will find recipes, veg patch and in season foods, our tips, lessons learning and best advice on how you can make a difference. We will also be launching our first seasonal recipe ebook in a few months so keep your eyes peeled!

See you in a few weeks when we kick off our seasonal recipes...

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